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Suho’s attempt to Sistar’s Touch My Body butt move joined by Baekhyun 

What is your sleeping habit?

Sehun in Die Jungs

chenchen in die jungs

chenchen in die jungs

when jongin spots baekhyun



running in heels like a pro…

Gentleman Kyungsoo letting the f(x) ladies go first (*´・v・)/

kris comforting an emotional jongin as he leans on his shoulder

businessman AU! Xiumin

can you do a D.O scenario where he's on tour and you (his girlfriend) at home and its the first time he's been away from you for longer than a month (4 months away) and it gets too hard for you and you call him telling him how much you need and miss him and how hard its getting and once you hang up you start to hyperventilate and start getting anxiety attacks over how much you miss him and you need to go to hospital and what he would do if he found out. (sorry that its long and my english is bad

Missing you (D.O scenario)
Requested by anon

It’s been 4 months since you’ve last seen him. 4 months  waking up and sleeping without him next to you, 4 months since you’ve last felt his warm hugs and sweet kisses—4 painful months. You didn’t mean to be so  dramatic about it but it’s just that.. it’s the first he left you for this long span of time. It was usually a  week or two but now he left on tour for months and months. You didn’t think it was this hard at first but as the days,weeks, months go by you found it harder. You miss him. You miss him so so bad. Yes, Kyungsoo always makes sure you guys still communicate but lately the calls doesn’t make up to your sadness and grief of missing him.  

It was a rainy morning,you woke up to the sound of your alarm. Another day without you here with me, Kyungsoo.  You sighed as you looked out the window, it’s like the sky’s  feeling your sorrow letting its tears drop down the ground and some streams down to your window sill. You remained in your bed just watching the rainy scenery outside the window when your phone suddenly rang.  You know it’s him, so you quickly grab your phone from your nightstand and answered the call.


"Goodmorning baby~" He said in his soft melodic voice. The voice that you love hearing, the voice that never fails to put a smile on your face.

Goodmorning baby~ How are you?” 

"I’m fine, we’re currently on break from concert rehearsal. How about you baby?"

I miss you.” You said in a way that with just those 3 words, you have put all of your feelings.

 You can hear the soft sigh he let out when you said it.There was a moment of silence for awhile before he started singing a lie from one of his duets with his senior,

My heart wants to find you again 
Why is it lingering like this? 
I cant accept myself without you 
Tonight is just one night 
Just like before I lost you 

Please listen to my heart just once 
Everyday every night i am missing you 
Even if you are not by my side, 
Even if I cant see you now, 
In my heart, you are always the same 

You felt everything that he poured into singing that song, you felt the emotions …his feelings.

"I miss you baby. I miss you sooooo much. I know it’s been hard for you…for both of us..but hold on hmm..I’m coming back to you soon. I’m coming home soon baby" As he said that you sense that he’s been feeling the same way as you in the 4 months. 

You were preventing yourself from crying, no, you don’t want to cry when he’s probably tired right now from all the work he’s been doing. Instead of crying, you let out a deep breath before forcing yourself to smile and sound cheerful. 

I’ll wait for you, so you need to do your best there alright?! you need to give your fans a great performance and the best concert then after that you’ll come home, okay? Now go back to your rehearsals, I can hear Baekhyun whining at the back asking for an extension for a longer break time.”  you chuckled and he did the same as well

"Arasso, love I’ll go,I’ll go! You take care of yourself alright? I love you" 

"I love you more, see you when you come home"

then that was the end of your conversation. You dropped your phone on your bed, then you cried. You cried so hard and before you know it you it was getting hard for you to breathe then everything was pitch black.




”______, honey.” You hear someone calling your name.

You slowly open your  eyes, the first few blinks everything was blurry until the following was clear.

"Mom. Where am I?" You furrowed your eyebrows as you try to get up with the help of your mom.

"Honey, I came to bring you breakfast but you weren’t answering the door and your phone as well, I felt that there was something wrong so I immediately entered your house with the spare key then I found you unconscious on your bed, I tried waking you up but you wouldn’t so I brought you to the hospital quickly.."

Now I remember…I fainted…I was crying and then I hyperventilated… you thought as you look at your worried mom to the bag of dextrose. 

"Hold on, let me go call the nurse to check on you" 

You nodded as you watch her leave.

After a few minutes, you heard your phone ring. You looked around and you found it at the chair near your bed and immediately grab it. It was Kyungsoo….

No. I can’t tell him I’m in the hospital. That’ll only hold him back from his performance..  speaking of performance you checked the time and indeed it was the time of their concert,  he must be on break. 

You nervously answered his call..


"Hi baby. How are you?"  You were quite confused on why he was asking this..usually he’d go “Hi baby, the concert started, I’m on break.. Baekhyun’s currently performing blah blah blah”  Is it possible that he …knows.. You shake that thought away and answered him

I’m fine, baby” You let out a nervous chuckle

"Where are you?"

"I-I’m at home, why?" You replied.

"Liar~"  You widened your eyes when he said that then the door opened, revealing a smiling Kyungsoo with his phone in his ear. He closed the door then both of you hanged up your phones. 

You brought a hand to cover your gaping mouth as he made his way to you. When he closed the distance between you, none of you dared to say anything both of you getting lost in each others gaze. He sighed before cupping your cheeks and bringing your foreheads together.

Since when did you start lying, hmm.?” He said softly with a teasing smile

"I-I..you..you’re supposed to be…EXO..tour..concert"  You were babbling out words. You were feeling nervous but mostly you were happy, you can’t believe that he’s here.

He chuckled softly, both of you were talking softly like your afraid that someone might hear,  ”Don’t worry about the concert, you are way more important than that.Tsk. Now young lady, the doctor said you fainted due to hyperventilation and fatigue. He said that your fatigue was probably from lack of sleep then when you were brought to the hospital he could see that you probably cried that’s why you might have hyperventilated”  You looked down feeling guilty but he prevented you from doing so he lifted your chin up and then kissed you. He kissed you  passionately and so did you. Both of you poured your heart unto that kiss before breaking apart.

Kyungsoo kissed your forehead “I’m home baby.”



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Kyuline’s /Boys Day Something performance/ SMTown Seoul